Brooklyn and the Butcher

John T. Monsch and his wife moved to New Albany in 1837 and worked as an agent for the Baltimore Oyster Depot selling oysters to businesses in Louisville. Eventually, Monsch started a successful ice delivery business before branching out to build a hotel. In 1871, he built the building at 148 East Market Street. Unfortunately, the hotel didn’t do very well, though, resulting in it changing owners. When it reopened, it was the Ashland Hotel. In 1885, the building became the Windsor Hotel. This is where Professor Ira Strunk stayed in 1886 as he waited, plotted, and eventually stalked Charles Hoover before killing him two streets over. Al Capone also stayed here in the 1930s.                                  The building continued to change hands becoming the Maxedon Hotel in the 1890s, Tavern Hotel in the 1950s, New Albany Inn and Habana Blues in the early 21st century. It is now home to Brooklyn and the Butcher today.                           Two ghosts are thought to occupy the third floor of the building. The ghost of a man who wears a top hat and a small girl have been spotted by former employees. The girl is thought to be the spirit of a child who was hit by a car in front of the building in the 1970s.                                                    Strange things happen on the third floor such as items moving on their own and lights that appear in the windows. Voices and laughter have been reported as well as electronic devices that won’t work properly.

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