Fontaine Manse

The Fontaine family came to Kentucky after Colonel Aaron Fontaine was awarded land in the area after fighting in the Revolutionary War. The property at 3309 Northwestern Parkway originally belonged to Judge Fortunatus Cosby, Colonel Fontaine’s son in law. Over the years, the property changed hands several times, and today it is a private residence.                                          Strange things have been known to happen throughout the home. Things will come up missing only to be found later in the cellar or attic. The attic is thought to be home to three spirits, all of which are children. One of them is a little boy who likes to bounce a ball at night or open and shut doors in the home.                                          The ghosts are thought to be friendly and playful. According to one former owner of the home, the ghosts saved their child from drowning in the bathtub. While giving their child a bath, the person walked out of the room. They heard a commotion and when they returned the child was levitating over the tub like someone had picked it up out of the water when they went under. There was so much paranormal activity in the home, and a book was written several years about the experiences called ‘Don’t Call Them Ghosts.’                                          Please remember that Fontaine Manse is a private residence and you should under no circumstances go on the property unless you have permission.

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